Like all Monitor Marine Accessories, our Deck Drains are designed to accentuate their location. All these fittings are customisable with included logos or engraving.

100mm Deck Drain
Part No. 9300

Deck Drain 100mm Acetal Sleeve

316 stainless steel sleeve and grille. Unique removable top allows access to remove debris and clear any blockages. The barrel takes a 50mm diameter hose allowing quick clearance of excess water.

Depth : 101.7mm
Hole diameter required : 70mm
Weight: 885g approx.

Product Features

  • 100mm Deck Drain (Standard Stainless Spigot).
  • Rugged AISI316 deck drain, customisable to include logos or engraving.
  • Unique removable cover enables quick cleaning and allows cover to be kept off-site whilst vessel is being built.
  • Fits 50mm hose.
  • Requires 70mm hole for mounting.
  • 90mm dia. footprint.

100mm Deck Drain
(Acetal Sleeve)
Part No. D21908

Monitor Marine 100mm Deck Drain

316 stainless steel, unique removable grille for ease of fitting and enables access to clear any debris to avoid blockages. Flush to deck fitting, acetal sleeve accepts 38mm, 50mm & 63mm hoses.

Offers a more economic, lighter weight alternative to our standard Deck Drain (9300).

Depth : 140mm
Hole diameter required : 70mm
Weight: 370g approx.

  • 100mm Deck Drain (Acetal Spigot).
  • Removable grille with same features as 9300 drain. Versatile acetal spigot allows multiple hose sizes.
  • fits through 67mm hole. Simple 4-screw mounting.
  • Fits 38-65mm hose.

Standard Deck Drain
Part No. D21910

316 stainless steel grille. Unique removable top allows access to remove debris and clear any blockages. Acetal sleeve accepts 38mm & 50mm hoses.

Depth : 74mm
Hole diameter required : 50mm
Weight: 290g approx.

  • 70mm Deck Drain (Acetal Spigot).
  • Removable grille.
  • Spigot suits 38mm hoses. Fits through 52mm hole. Simple 4-screw mounting.

Logos can be incorporated into grilles.  Please contact us for more information.

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Monitor Marine Deck Drains

PDF Drawings – Part No. 9300

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