The New Viper 3 Motor

Our retrofit wiper kits are designed as replacements for pneumatic, older electrical and under-performing systems. We have standard off-the-shelf kits, as well as the ability to design bespoke systems to meet the customer’s requirements.

Over time we have been able to gain the knowledge and experience to design standard off-the-shelf systems that can be used on the majority of older vehicles. Our low maintenance systems come at an affordable price as well as maintaining the high levels of quality and still meeting the industry specific standards. Our 50Nm, 80Nm, and 120Nm compact wipers come in any required voltage and can be used on all rail vehicle applications.

In addition to the standard off-the-shelf parts, we can also offer additional products to give you a complete new system. Other available products include wash tanks (stainless or plastic), wash pumps, control systems, electrical harnesses and drivers interface units, as well as wash hose kits and mating half connectors.

Along with supplying products to meet your requirements we have a dedicated team of engineers to support in any site visits.  Our technical team will make an initial visit to understand the existing wiper system and mounting positions, and to provide technical information as to what system would be best suited for your application. We will also attend the initial installation and provide any support required.

Overhauls and Refurbishment

Over a period of time like most components, Hepworth’s wiper systems will start to wear. At this time it is recommended that the wiper system is overhauled.

The overhaul period for each system is calculated based upon past experience and testing carried out during project development, with the majority of projects realising a 4 to 5 year recommended overhaul period. At this point a full condition assessment is carried out and parts are replaced or repaired if necessary and provided with a subsequent 12 month warranty.

Part of the full condition survey of 2 train sets of systems has in the past identified that, after 4-5 years on some projects, the units are still in generally good condition and therefore a subsequent extension before overhaul is recommended, depending upon a number of factors such as system use, environmental conditions, loads on the system, etc.

The benefit of overhauling a wiper system is the extended life that this will give, as well as reducing the risk of in-service failures and vehicle delays. In addition, it engenders confidence that the wiper systems will not provide any cause for concern, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you will not need to do anything until the next serviceable period.

Our specialist returns department is equipped to carry out overhaul or refurbishment activities on serviceable wiper systems. We offer our full support in setting up overhaul programmes that suit the customer best and guarantee short turnaround times. All systems are serviced to a new condition, as well as being fully tested to the original specifications and being issued with a 1 year warranty.

We also offer onsite training so that customers are able to carry out the overhaul activities as they require. A full overhaul works instruction will be supplied and a list of all the special tooling needed to carry the overhaul.

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