IP56 Motors, Compact Linkages, Front Mounted Linkages, Enclosed Linkages         

Nm 30Nm, 50Nm, 80Nm, 120Nm
Voltage 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v, 52v, 72v, 110v
Speeds 1 or 2 speed
IP54, IP56
  • Our voltage ranges allow us to be compatible with all vehicles thus eliminating the need for DC/DC converters.
  • Appropriate materials are selected for the application. For example external systems will be stainless steel.
  • Superior components are used to ensure long lasting systems. Fit for purpose rather than price.
  • Bespoke designs to meet your interface requirements.
  • Selected levers & drive cranks used ensuring your sight requirements are met.

Pendulum Arms, Pantograph Arms, Articulated Blades, Flat Blades

Rail wiper arms
Rail wiper arms
  • Our wiper arms are designed to ensure maximum performance whilst ensuring sight requirements are met.
  • Carefully selected springs pressures to ensure smooth operation.
  •  All arms constructed out of non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel and brass.
  • Four directional integrated wash jets used to maximise screen coverage.
  • Bolted blade fastening for a secure fixing.
  • Blades in come in lengths to suit all applications.
  • In excess of 500,000 cycles before change required.
Control Switch
  •  Fully integrated control systems to enable all functionality requirements.
  • Synchronisation and wash cycles built into.
  • Switches available with 3 intermittent operations, variable intermittent, slow, fast, park and push to wash modes.
  • Connections to suit your system requirements.
  • Electrical harnesses to connect your system together making it as easy as plug and play.

22 Wash Pumps, Stainless Steel Wash tanks, Plastic Moulded Wash Tanks

Wash pump for rail wipers
Stainless steel wash tank
  • Pumps available in all voltage ranges.
  • Incorporated filters to prevent contamination and system blockages.
  • Stainless steel wash tanks manufactured to suit your space envelope.
  • Lightweight Plastic moulded tanks to suit your space requirements.
  •  Fully integrated wash systems including electronic and visual level sensors.

Additional Products

  • Fully rail compliant rain sensor in all voltages which can be used on glass up to and including 12mm thick.
  • Mating half connector kits to suit your system.
  • Wash hose kits with various adaptors for securing hoses.
  • Miniature circuit breakers and relays.
  • Bulkhead connectors and cab mounted wash jets.


  • Shock & Vibration to IEC61373
  •  EMC certified to EN150121/3/2
  • Welding to EN15085
  •  Systems tested to -40
  • Life cycle testing to in excess of 3 million cycles.
  • 500 hours salt spray testing



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