80mm Flush Top Hatch Handle with additional deluxe shutter offering seamless flush appearance. Discreet key locking on top face for added security. Seal compression rate of up to 13mm. Cramping beam rotates on 65mm radius. Suitable for 10-47mm panel thickness. Requires 72mm cutout.

80mm Flush Hatch Handle
Part No. 2114-F

Weight: 900g approx.

This ¼ turn compression handle incorporates a robust, cam-operated compression mechanism to provide a genuinely watertight seal. A simple fingerplate operation produces considerable pressure which forces the hatch seal firmly and uniformly into its sealing band. Unlocking is easily achieved by lifting the fingerplate and turning the handle through 90 degrees. In addition key / hex key operated locking is incorporated.

Product Features

  • Regular 80mm Flush Top Handle.
  • Adjustable compression function.

80mm Flush Hatch Handle
(Crew Cabin)
Part No. 2114-CC

  • 80mm Flush Top Handle suitable for crew areas with spring-loaded sliding bolt to release hatch internally.
  • Handle can be opened and closed from outside as normal.
  • Key lockable from outside.
  • 80mm Flush Top Handle with Emergency Escape pin.
  • Key lockable from outside.

80mm Flush Hatch Handle
Part No. 2114-F-E-LNC

  • Alternative locking mechanism.
  • Simple hex key avoids accidental key breakage.

80mm Flush Hatch Handle
Hex Key
Part No. 2114-F-HK

80mm Flush Hatch Handle
No Lock
Part No. 2114-F-NL

Crew Cabin Sub Assembly Release Bolt
Part No. 2114-CC-1

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