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British Designed. British Engineered. British Manufactured. Stainless steel marine deckware and interior fittings designed for SuperYacht, Commercial and Military applications.

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Monitor Marine International manufactures high quality, precision engineered Stainless Steel Fittings and Deck Hardware for SuperYacht and the finest Boat Builders worldwide. These innovative products create new standards in visual appearance, design function and quality of stainless steel marine fittings.

All the British designed, engineered and manufactured deck and interior fittings are designed to be simple to operate and install. The marine hardware range includes Helicopter Tie-Downs, Deck Cleats, Hatch and Locker-handles, Door Catches and Fastening Systems.

We choose our metals and production processes to ensure that the product you fit is truly exceptional, so from our high-load alloys to chemical treatments every step of the process is controlled by craftsmen.

Monitor Marine products are precision engineered then laboriously hand-finished, polished, then inspected and buffed, with at least three separate processes to ensure our uncompromising finishes.

The product range includes:

Multi-Purpose Plug-In Connectors

(1 or 3 Tonne versions available). Perfect for many applications including use as lift points for tenders and toys, as well as stanchion, awning and guard rail anchor points. Flush fitting and watertight, they feature a quick attachment and release mechanism.

70mm Snapshot Latch

Deck fittings designed to be simple to operate and install including flush fitting SnapShut catches / latches, fingerpull handles, shoot bolts and mini pad eyes.

80mm u0026amp; 100mm Hatch Handles

High quality, flush fitting, watertight, 316 stainless steel, ΒΌ turn hatch handles feature clamping / compression beams, internal release shoot bolts, emergency release pins and vertical compression versions with key and hex key options.

Pull-Up / Retractable Cleats

Low profile Pull-Up Cleats requiring very little under-deck space. No drainage required; watertight with sliding pistons. Easy to install and simple to operate. Can be supplied with top face logo or insignia.

Retractable Cleats, automatic manual and power operated. In the stowed position the entire cleat and base is flush with the deck. Can be both locally and remotely operated and controlled from the bridge by the use of control panel switchgear.

Helicopter Tie Downs

Our unique range of helicopter tie-downs have been developed from a military requirement for securing helicopters on warships at sea. The civil versions offer similar performance but in configurations and materials specifically aimed at SuperYachts, commercial vessels, supply ships and drilling rigs etc. The variations within the family include the 4-Bar, the T45C, the T45R and the Surface Mount. They can be installed on all deck types or used for ground installations.

Product Range

  • Hatch Handles
  • Flush Pad Eyes
  • Snapshuts
  • Pull-up Cleats
  • Retractable Cleats
  • Decks Drains
  • Multi-Purpose Connectors
  • Helicopter Tie-Downs
  • Maintenace Kit
  • New Products


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