Hepworth Pantograph window wipers are the ultimate solution for applications where complex window shapes need to be wiped effectively and economically. The wipers can be applied to anything from large commercial vessels to small and military vessels on land and at sea.

Pantograph wipers are available in a range of sizes from 20Nm of torque through to 110Nm. They can be supplied in both AC and DC configuration. Optimised solutions and custom-made linkages are paired with pantograph arms for rectangular wipe patterns or pendulum arms for triangular patterns.  Even windows with very complex shapes can be kept clean in the most challenging environments.

Hepworth wiper installations come with a wide variety of control systems and switches. In addition, they can even be supplied with heated arms and spray-jets for Polar applications down to -40°C.

Light Duty

20Nm Pantograph Wipers
30Nm Wiper Motor

Medium/Heavy Duty

50Nm Wiper Motor
Type 1850 Windscreen Wipers

Extra Heavy Duty

70Nm and 80Nm Pantograph Wipers
100Nm and 110Nm Pantograph Wipers



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