Wynn Marine Type C & D MK5 Wipers – Heavy Duty Wipers – ideal for large ocean going vessels

Straight Line Marine Windshield Wiper System
Straight Line Wipers Configuration Diagram


Product Features

  • Type D MkV – Externally mounted motor. Motor housing fully sealed to IP67.
  • Type C – Internally mounted motor.
  • Arms with blades up to 39ins (1000mm) available.
  • A large wiped window coverage can be achieved.
  • Reliable operation in extreme temperatures.
  • 2 or 3 speed operation with self parking facility.
  • Available in 24, 115 and 230 volt, single phase or three phase AC.
  • Operated by a multi-speed / function control facility.
  • Induction motor are used for AC supplies.

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Hepworth’s Wynn Heavy-Duty Straight-Line Wipers are the most advanced linear action window wiping systems. These Wipers are optimised for marine and other specialist applications.

Two models are available – the Type D which has an external motor, and the Type C with an internal motor. Straight-Line Wipers are usually the best for clearing rectangular windows. For large windows, Wynn’s Heavy-Duty wiper arms and blades can clear windows more than 2 m high.

Wynn straight-line wipers are built to give the maximum view in any weather. They can work in temperatures from as low as -40 °C to extreme tropical conditions.

Installation is simple and many mounting options are available. These allow either new or replacement installations for both variants of wipers.

Types of Straight Line Wipers

The Type D is a larger unit. It is simpler and quicker to install because it has an external motor pod. This wiper only needs its electrical cables to be routed through the bulkhead. The motor housing is sealed to IP67 standards.

The Type C has the smallest external size. Only the wiper case is visible from outside. The wiper motor is fitted inside the cabin, and the electrical connections are done internally.

High-powered motors ensure efficient and quiet operation. Straight-Line wipers can be supplied with AC induction or low-voltage DC motors. Hepworth’s Wynn wipers use the highest quality noncorrosive materials and coatings.

Standard controllers are available in 1-way to 6-way variations. Modular systems are supplied where there are more wipers or a special requirement. Many standard control features are available. These include 2 or 3-speed operation, self-parking and intermittent wipe. Other options are heater switch, master group control and wash/air purge functions.

Every wiper system is engineered for maximum durability and Hepworth offers a worldwide support and service network through its dealers.


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