Available in two broad variants, the 7516 family of self-aligning flush Helicopter anchoring-points represent the smallest footprint of any load-aligning deck plate.

4-Bar Helicopter Tie Down
(96mm Flange)
Part No. 7516SY

Helicopter Tie Down 4 Bar

The 4 Bar is the most compact tie down of the range. It rotates through 360 degrees, tracking the direction of load, for tie down alignment. Folds flush to deck when not in use. ‘Bolt in’ format, includes integral drain and high polish finish as standard. As well as helicopters, it can be used for various other tie down applications.

Monitor Marine Deckware

Weight: 2.5kg approx.

Product Features

  • Exquisitely finished flush Helicopter anchoring-point designed for airframes of 3,500kg MTOW.
  • Customised installation options are available based around our proven stud pattern.
  • Customisable weld-assembly for insertion into decks.
  • Small form-factor minimises intrusion below deck plating.
  • Insulation kit (supplied) allows for adjustment for deck thickness and prevents electrolysis.
  • Additional customised mounting options are available.

4-Bar Helicopter Tie Down – Deck Flange System

Deck Flange Mounting is designed to be fitted to the appropriate welded receiver. This fitting matches the construction of the heliport deck and is integrated into the deck drainage system. Optional welded sockets or BSP threaded pipe-fittings are available as required.

  • 163mm deck plate designed to be bedded into deck covering.
  • All fixings are on facing surface so the fitting is removable for refit periods.
  • Usually rewuires >20mm deck covering.

4-Bar Base St/Steel Weld Ass’y
Part No. 022-005-A

  • Structural weld-assembly for mounting 023-005 available in 6082-T6 or AISI316L.
  • This receiver system incorporates drainage connections and includes a special insulator kit which allows compensation for incidental deck variations as well as galvanic isolation.
  • Installation typically protrudes 115-125mm below deck surface.

4-Bar Base Aluminium – Ass’y
Part No. 023-001-A

4-Bar Base St/Steel Weld Ass’y 3/4 Full Socket
Part No. 035-001-A

Self-aligning flush Helicopter anchoring-point. Smallest footprint on deck. Self-draining. Mounts on 4 studs. 96mm dia. footprint. Accpets 20mm dia. hooks. Deck opening 84mm dia. 56mm protrusion into deck. UTS ≈ 8.75t

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