Monitor Marine Lifting Points are developed out of a necessity for simple, safe lifting solutions which are capable of withstanding the unforeseen extreme forces involved in launching and recovering the world’s finest tender craft.​

Rectangular 4T Lifting Point Part No. 2082

Unobtrusive, with aesthetically good looks and ease of use. Perfect for many applications including use as lift points for tenders and toys, or as rotor hold-downs, and stanchion, awning and guard rail anchor points.

To achieve full SWL 1 and 3 tonne ratings, use only high tensile stainless steel shackles supplied by MMI – please enquire for further information.

Product Features

  • Flush folding lifting-point 90mm x 118mm originating from Monitor aviation development.
  • Designed to be recessed into decks as an unobtrusive lifting point for larger vessels.
  • Accepting load-cases between 45° and 90°, this unit is mounted with 6 x M12 DIM912 fasteners (supplied), tapping directly into the vessel’s integral reinforcement.

Titanium Truss-Rod Lifting Point Swl 5T Part No. 5182

  • This extremely robust Titanium fitting combines superlative aesthetics and performance in a very small package.
  • Its rugged simplicity means that combined with appropriately-designed reinforcement, the very largest tenders can be safely lifted using Textile Loop technology designed for Grand_Prix ocean racing.

Monitor Marine Multi-Purpose Connectors are all customisable for unique applications. For a complete range of load applications like vertical loads from cargo-restraints to inverse loads like passerelle anchors and boarding-ladders, and even for securing sporting equipment and terrestrial and architectural applications, these fittings excel.

In situations where the is limited or no access under the deck, these Connectors can be easily installed from above deck with the aid of a key. Please see bottom of page for links to drawings, or contact us for more information.

  • Multi- Purpose Connector for through-deck fixing where there is access from both sides.
  • Simple push-in action.
  • Multiple possibilities for other uses.
  • 38mm or 62mm Flange.
  • Fits 30mm or 52mm hole.
  • 10kN or30kN SWL.

Plug-In Connector 1.3T designed for installations with limited rear access. Part No. 2175-XT

Multi-Purpose Connectors with SWL 1 Tonne (2175-1T) and 3 Tonnes (2175-3T) for installation into concrete surfaces. The stainless steel housing is set into the concrete and the Connector screwed into the housing to make it completely flush with the surrounding surface.

  • Multi-purpose Connector supplied for above-deck installation.
  • Designed for “blind” fitting in situations where the is limited or no access after manufacture.
  • As above, but with 50/82mm flange.
  • Requires provision of threaded hole.
  • Special installation spanner supplied.


Jointed or Straight Plug-In Probe Part No. 27245-XT-XX

  • Versatile spare connector probe.
  • This may be modified to suit individual requirements.
  • Available in 1-Tonne or 3-Tonne range.
  • Suitable for adaption to fix awnings, lifting points, bimini rails, stanchions, tender cradles & more.

1T Concrete Anchor (Cast-In-Place) Part No. 2175-1T-CA

  • Architectural installation solutions for 2175-series fittings.
  • These special receivers can be installed as poured-in-place reinforcements or can be retrofitted into cored pockets in concrete slabs.

1T Concrete Anchor (Core Drill) Part No. 2175-1T-CA-03

Optimal Configurations

3T Plug-In Connector C/W Aux Attachment Part No. 2181-3T

  • Optional auxiliary attachment fitting enables distribution of load to hull structure.
  • 30kN SWL.
  • 82mm above-deck fitting with auciliary body to suit 3/4″/10 UNC thread tie-bar.
  • Other options available, e.g. soft lashing, clevis spades, or other RH thread to suit turnbuckles.

PDF Drawings

2165-1T Download 

2165-3T-1 Download 

2181-3T Download

2175-1T-CA Download

2175-3T-CA Download

2175 -3T Download