At Hepworth Marine International we pride ourselves on being recognised throughout the industry as being able to manufacture the highest quality products for our customers.


Confirmation of Product Type Approval Pantograph and Pendulum Download

Confirmation of Product Type Approval Straight Line Download

Product Design Assessment Straight Line Download

Product Design Assessment Pantograph and Pendulum Download


ABS offers certification to companies whose products reach specified standards.

The classification that Hepworth has achieved requires periodic surveys of vessels throughout the entirety of its life. The company achieved certification which verifies that our systems conforms to the designated standards of the ABS.

DNV Certificate Download 

Hepworth has also accomplished gaining accreditation from the widely recognised DNV authority.

The certification currently held by the company ensures customers that our wiper systems fully comply with all standards set by the DNV and surpasses any requirements that they deem fit for a system to function.