B.Hepworth is a company with a long and illustrious past, beginning humbly as far back as the 19th century.  Since then the company has strengthened itself significantly, eventually positioning ourselves where we are today; global market leaders. However, even with this fantastic accolade we are constantly striving for improvement and are very much looking forward to our future successes as a growing, global brand.



Introduction of Straight Line wiper with 2m blades

In January, the newly designed, extra heavy-duty, straight line wiper was launched into the market.  The quietest and most smooth-running wiper on the market using blades up to 2000mm in length, the redesign made a significant impact on the wiper’s price and cost of installation.

Monitor Marine International acquired

In June, B Hepworth announced the acquisition of Monitor Marine International, a privately owned company established 30 years ago to develop and manufacture a wide range of high quality, precision engineered stainless steel marine deckware and interior fittings for Super Yacht and Quality Volume Boat Builders.

Allocation of fabrication tapping & project specific cells for customers

A successful year for Hepworth Fabrications, with continual growth within the division, added expertise and investment in personnel and machinery capability. Tapping and applicator cells have been put in place for specific customer projects to offer higher outputs and product consistency, resulting in commercial benefits for customers and tighter quality processes.

Even Larger Premises acquired

In 2010 Hepworth acquired even more factory space at the Redditch based premises pushing the total acquired land space to 90,000sqft +. A company premises of this size provides a perfect platform in being capable of dealing with customers in need of placing large orders.

Hepworth Wipers on Chinese HST

British Engineering at its best helps make history. A Chinese high-speed train has recorded the fastest ever journey time, reaching speeds of 258 mph (416 kph), during a recent test run.  In order for the driver to see safely ahead in foul weather, Redditch Company B Hepworth & Co Ltd was commissioned to design and manufacture the windscreen wiper systems.

Crossley Fabrications purchased

In 2009 a further acquisition of Crossley Fabrications was successfully completed; Crossley was supplying both the Rail and Commercial Bus markets. This company was subsequently also moved to Redditch in the autumn of 2009 where Hepworth now occupies 90,000 sq ft, with a very wide range of plant and equipment including latest CNC machines and an in-house powder coat plant, making Hepworth a fully self-contained manufacturer of its world leading range of windscreen wiping systems.

New larger premises

Hepworth achieves very significant growth resulting in moving premises from 10,000 sq ft to a new factory of 42,000 sq ft in 2008, shortly followed by moving Wynstruments from Cheltenham to Redditch in 2009. Hepworth achieved a strong financial performance as a result.

Hepworth achieves IRIS accreditation

Hepworth Rail International, based in the West Midlands, became the first LRQA approved UK company to achieve the coveted International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) accreditation. IRIS has been modelled on similar quality standards that are already in place in the aerospace and automotive industries, and complements the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality standard.

Wynstruments acquired by MR JP Eddy

Following substantial growth Jonathan Eddy concluded the successful purchase of Hepworth’s largest competitor, Wynstruments Ltd.


Plans for the future

During the 1950’s and 1960’s Hepworth continued to prosper but environmental pressures of operating a chemical plant in a town centre, coupled with commercial pressures lead Mr Eddy to look to the future.

Mr EG Eddy acquires the business

Mr E G Eddy acquired Hepworth in Kidderminster in the early 1900’s and he ran the company until just after the 2nd World War when Mr H G Eddy then took over as Chairman.

B Hepworth & Co Ltd founded

B Hepworth and Company Limited was originally founded in 1868 and was incorporated in 1899 in Yorkshire, manufacturing chemicals for the local carpet industry. Mr Benjamin Hepworth built a factory in Kidderminster to supply the major carpet manufacturers in the town.