Jonathan Eddy – Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan joined Hepworth in 1978 as Company Accountant, taking over the role of  Chief Executive Officer in 1989.

Jonathan was responsible for the company’s strategic change of direction, taking Hepworth from its traditional UK Commercial Vehicle and Bus markets to the Marine and then Rail markets, with development of those export markets.  He concluded the successful purchase of Hepworth’s largest competitor, Cheltenham-based Wynstruments Ltd and headed up the move of Hepworth’s Redditch premises in 2008 from 10,000 sq feet to a new factory of 42,000 sq feet, amalgamating both Wynn and Hepworth wiper manufacturing bases.  In 2009 Jonathan negotiated the purchase of Crossley Fabrications and, after acquiring more factory space, moved this to the Redditch site also.

Jonathan spent 4 years working for Thompson Mclintock Accountants in Birmingham, and also was Managing Director of subsidiary company Healey Meters Limited.  Jonathan is a member of Vistage.

Linda Bates – Head of Quality and Development

Linda joined Hepworth in 2001 as Quality Manager with the responsibility for product quality, business process development and customer service. During this time Hepworth gained IRIS accreditation, becoming one of only two companies who held the certification at that time. Linda has taken on increased levels of project management and developed skills to meet the escalating quantities and complexities of customer specific product support documentation.

In 2010 Linda was appointed to the position of Engineering and Technical Manager. During her time in design Linda introduced a SAP based workload management system to improve project management and traceability.  Linda worked with the team to drive forward innovation and product improvements, including the recent development and launch of two new products into the rail marketplace. 

During the last thirteen years, she has gained a wealth of product knowledge and application experience across all sectors of the business.  Linda has recently been promoted to the role of Project Director and moved into Sales to support the proactive sales strategy, giving the team support in project management and contractual requirements. Continuing to grow with the business, Linda has taken on additional training to ensure her own personal level of knowledge meets our customers’ expectations, including completing Prince 2 and a course in contractual management.

Bert Thijssen – Head of Sales and Marketing

Bert joined Hepworth in 2005 as part of the senior management team in the position of Sales and Marketing Director with overall responsibility for the Marine, Commercial, Rail and Fabrication Divisions of the Hepworth Group.

During this time Bert has developed Hepworth’s global distributor base and ensured that Hepworth are the world’s number one choice for wiper systems.

Having previously working for Observartor in Holland, Bert has over 30 years experience in the industry.

Neil Cramb – Sales Manager 

Neil joined Hepworth in 2017 to take on responsibility for promoting the Monitor Marine brand.  Neil is from South Africa, and “grew up in Durban on the sunny shores of the Indian Ocean” as he puts it.

Neil has been involved in the marine industry since 2000, moving to Cape Town in 2006 to work with B Hepworth’s representatives, then more recently representing several well-known leisure brands in the marine industry in South Africa.  “I’m looking forward to working with the Monitor Marine brand to take their unique solutions into new applications” said Neil, continuing: “because I’m passionate about boats looking good, and because Monitor Marine’s magnificent engineering is probably the finest finishing touch a well-presented yacht could have, I think our solutions will be what sets the well-dressed yacht apart from the rest”.