Specialist variants of the largest handles designed for unique situations requiring deeper reach and specialised clamping requirements.

100mm Hatch Handle
(Deep Reach)
Part No. 2115-F-DR

Supplied with a deeper reach cramping beam. Ideal for larger hatches and thicker panels. Clamping and locking ¼ turn with a cam operated compression mechanism.

Monitor Marine Deckware

Weight: 1.18kg approx.

  • 100mm Flush Top Handle designed for deeper panel thickness.
  • Special compression beam allows extra 20mm of clamping depth.

100mm Flush Hatch Handle
(Extended Reach)
Part No. 2115-F-CC-CH-XXX

  • Revolutionary 100mm Flush Top Handle allows for extended depth clamping with additional internal clamping feature.
  • Sliding bolt allows for internal release, as well as slam locking.
  • Assembly is scalable for any application.