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We are the leading supplier of rail windscreen wiper systems.

Meeting the challenges of rapidly developing technology alongside the stringent demands of the rail industry, here at Hepworth Rail we built a reputation at home and abroad, synonymous with quality and reliability, continually working to maximise and expand our product range by providing fully compliant systems that include the latest standards such as IRIS, ISO9001, and EN15085 accreditations.

Continually working to maximise and expand our product range by providing fully compliant systems that include the latest rail industry standards and working closely with the projects to ensure full functionality of the systems at speeds in excess of 400KPH.


Rail Wipers Applications

We are able to offer wiper systems to suit all vehicle applications from locomotives to 380kmh high speed trains.

Talgo 350

Talgo 350 Train

Toronto Street Car

Toronto Street Car

Alstom Class 180

Alstom Class 180 Train



System Types

Single Pantograph Systems

Single Pantograph Wiper 3D
Single Pantograph Wiper

Single Pendulum Systems

Single Pendulum Wiper 3D
Single Pendulum Wiper

Dual Pantograph Systems

Dual Pantograph Wiper 3D
Dual Pantograph Wiper

Dual Pendulum Systems

Dual Pendulum Wiper 3D
Dual Pendulum Wiper

Over 30 years experience in the rail industry, we specialise in the design and manufacture of heavy duty windscreen wiper and wash systems.

Services and Products

• Design, manufacture & supply of standard and bespoke rail wiper systems.
• Refurbishment of wipers and motors.
• Pneumatic replacement wiper systems.
• First fit support.
• Static and dynamic testing support.
• Onsite technical support and training.
• Spare parts support for the life of the vehicle.
• Overhaul and servicing programmes to maintain wiper systems.
• Preventative and corrective maintenance.
• Wash system tanks, pumps, level sensors, filters and hose connections

Replacing or Refurbishing?

Top quality compact systems. . . for a great price!

Take a look at Hepworth Rail International’s range of wiper systems specifically designed for the locomotive, light rail vehicle and EMU/DMU markets. The systems have the same high quality and technical specifications and innovations already seen in the industry worldwide and will provide the best option when looking to replace existing pneumatic or older, less efficient systems with a proven, reliable, rail compliant electric system.

Compact 50Nm motors are now available in 110v, 72v and the standard 24v eliminating the need for costly high maintenance DC to DC convertors (other motor sizes are also available).



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