Ideal for Ocean Going and Navy Vessels

With the market under constant price pressure, cutting cost is essential.

Hepworth Series 8000 Controller

Product Features

  • Small size control panel – even for complex systems
  • Individual and group control features
  • Multi-speed operation
  • Automatic self-parking
  • Variable intermittent modes
  • Separate control of wiper de-icing heaters, heated windows etc
  • Plug and play connectivity, meaning easier installations
  • Wash Wipe/Air Purge option
  • Illuminated control panel with dimming facility

PDF Drawings


Get the Series 8000 controller for FREE, here is how:

Our priority is to save as much effort, time, and money for our customers as possible. In order to do so, we have optimised the Series 8000 controller by setting ourselves the following objectives:

1. Change Production process to reduce or at least maintain the price level as much as possible.

2. Offer the Yards full packages of drawings, including installation drawings, electrical diagrams, and wash system pipe layouts. Standard in AutoCAD and in 3D on request.

3. Easier and quicker to install systems.

4. Significant reduction in electric wiring and additional electric installation parts. No extra breaker cabinets required.

5. Reduce the chance of installation errors

6. Reduction in commissioning time.

The money spent on the lengthy installations and the cost for man power will erase the price of the controller.

The Series 8000 controller essentially pays for itself!

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