Heavy-duty load aligning Helicoptrer anchoring-point designed for larger airframes. the 20t UTS make sthese the choice for airframes >3,500kg MTOW. With fewer moving parts these fittings are also ideally suited for hangar installations.

T45R Tie Down
(Weld In)
Part No. 2079-XX

Helicopter Tie Down T45R

The T45R has been designed to have all of the performance characteristics of the T45C but in a smaller package.  The eye of the T45R will revolve and allow alignment with the aircraft’s position on the deck.  This allows a lower number of tie-downs to be fitted to a heli-pad.  It also provides flexibility allowing a large range of aircraft types to be accommodated.  This unit is available in both ‘weld-in’ and ‘bolt-in’ formats, with options for aluminium decks and installations with no under-deck access.

Monitor Marine Deckware

Weight: 5kg approx.

Product Features

  • T45R rotating Helicopter anchoring-point with weldable body ensures minimum deck interference.
  • 147mm dia. footprint.
  • Self-draining.
  • 58mm protrusion into deck.
  • 1/4″ BSP drainage connection.

T45R Bolt In Helicopter Tie Down
Part No. 2080-XXX

  • Bolt-in T45R Helicopter anchoring-point.
  • Designed for fixing into optional weld-assembly 2173-1.
  • 142mm footprint on deck with 55mm penetration below deck.
  • Self-draining via 1/4″ BSP drainage connection.
  • Mounts on 6x M12 studs on 95mm PCD.

T45R Commercial Installation
Part No. 2172-XX

  • Commercial-spec T45R supplied in kit form.
  • Special deck receiver is welded flsuh with deck plating and T45R assembly is installed to match deck plating.

2080 Deck Cup – 9″ Dia
Part No. 2173-1-X

  • Optional weld-assembly in either AISI316L or6082-T6 for inclusion into most deck constructions.
  • Supplied with installation kit to adjust for deck thickness.

T45 Bolt-In Tie-Down
Part No. 2081

  • Top-mount T45R Helicopter anchoring-point kit designed for limited below-deck access.
  • Designed for assembly on-site into pre-installed 2179 weld-assembly.

T45R Deck Kit – 15mm Deck Ass’y
Part No. 2179

  • Optional weld-assembly in either AISI316L or 6082-T6 for inclusion into most deck constructions.
  • Supplied with insulation kit to adjust for deck thickness.
  • 3/4″ BSP drainage point supplied.

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