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British Designed. British Engineered. British Manufactured. Stainless steel marine deckware and interior fittings designed for SuperYacht, Commercial and Military applications.

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Monitor Marine International manufactures high quality, precision engineered Stainless Steel Fittings and Deck Hardware for SuperYacht and the finest Boat Builders worldwide. These innovative products create new standards in visual appearance, design function and quality of stainless steel marine fittings.

All the British designed, engineered and manufactured deck and interior fittings are designed to be simple to operate and install. The marine hardware range includes Helicopter Tie-Downs, Deck Cleats, Hatch and Locker-handles, Door Catches and Fastening Systems.

We choose our metals and production processes to ensure that the product you fit is truly exceptional, so from our high-load alloys to chemical treatments every step of the process is controlled by craftsmen.

Monitor Marine products are precision engineered then laboriously hand-finished, polished, then inspected and buffed, with at least three separate processes to ensure our uncompromising finishes.

Product Showcase

Monitor Marine 2082 Helicopter Tie Down Solution Open
Monitor Marine 2082 Helicopter Tie Down Solution Closed

Product Range

The Monitor Marine 2082 Lift Point is an extremely simple lifting solution for more demanding applications. Engineered from ANC22 alloy, the rectangular deck plate is through-bolted directly into the vessel’s integral reinforcement. The six M12 A4-70 fastenings are capable of handling substantial loads, with a very generous margin of safety, pitching this fitting squarely at larger vessel applications.

The versatility of the 2082’s 90° pivoting shackle allows for a variety of slinging angles ranging from 45° through to vertical lifting cases, and it is capable of accepting soft loops of up to 24mm diameter.

Monitor Marine 2082 Helicopter Tie Down Solution Combined Fit
Monitor Marine 2082 Helicopter Tie Down Solution Combined Fit


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